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Accelerated Reader


This year, there will not be an Accelerated Reader store at the end of the 2015- 2016 school year.  Instead, students will be invited to attend a field trip if they meet all their AR goals.  The following expectations must be met in order to attend the field trip:

  • the student must meet their goal EACH six weeks
  • all books must be read by the student, in their entirety
  • all tests must be taken independently
  • the average reading level of books must be only 1 grade level below their grade, unless the teacher requests an exemption
  • AR will be begin 8/29/201 and the last day to earn points will be 4/13/2017


 Helpful Links

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Use this site to find out if your book is testable, what reading level it is, and how many points its worth.

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AR Home Connect allows parents to connect to their child’s account, in English or Spanish, using the students login information to monitor their progress.  Parents can also select up to 6 email address to receive automatic email updates.