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Rangerville Elementary is a member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program, an initiative that is helping us make our school a healthier place.  Creating a healthy school for our students is important because we know that healthy students are better learners.  One of our wellness goals is to create new celebration traditions at our school.  We need your help!  Here are some healthy options to consider:

Non-food goodie bags (pencils, erasers, stickers, ect.)

100% fruit juices

Fresh fruit- trays, salads, or kabobs

Fat free or low fat yogurt (alone or as a fruit dip)

100% fruit juice slushes

Yogurt parfaits

Peanut butter with fruit or whole grain crackers

Trail mix

Fat free or low fat pudding

All food brought into our school for celebrations or birthdays must meet the Smart Snacks in Schools Policies.  To see if your snack is compliant, please see the Smart Snacks Calculator.

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